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To all our friends at Noukendai Bible Fellowship, greetings!

How we would have loved to be with you in person on your celebration of the twentieth anniversary of Noukendai Bible Fellowship, but it seems this letter will have to be the only way. God has done amazing things to start and continue Noukendai Bible Fellowship.

We can remember twenty years ago how we felt God was leading us to begin a time of learning about Jesus, studying
the Bible together with others, and fellowshipping with others that God would bring out of the community. There was no other church in Noukendai at the time. There were several difficulties, however. We had no other people to work with us. Then God in His love brought Kohichi and Shirley who wanted to help us. We had no music abilities, but Shirley could play the piano and Kohichi could play the guitar. We had no place to meet, but God provided a wonderful place near a playground with another room for children and a nice kitchen. Larry could not speak Japanese, but Kohichi could translate his messages into Japanese. So Noukendai Bible Fellowship was born. Many others through the years have faithfully shared God's love and helped God come alive in the hearts of people through the ministry there. God gets all the glory for what He has done and is doing there.

God is a forgiving God, gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love. May He continue to bless each of you with His grace and mercy. We will be praying for you.

Larry and Alma




Noukendai Bible Fellowship (NBF) is a survivor. How many times has the evil one tried to end your ministry? That old devil has tried with every tool he has to break your spirit, but he will never succeed as long as the Lord Jesus is the main focus of NBF. What you have done in the past must be repeated in the future as the story never changes. It never grows old. People change but God’s work does not.
Twenty years. This means twenty individual years of finding and doing the will of God. Finding God’s will is the most difficult task in my life. It is work and it is on purpose that the search is not always easy. Notice the Apostle Paul says, “I kneel before the Father.” This is where living the Christian life begins and ends: on our knees.
This is surrender of self to our Creator, the one who loves us more than we love ourselves. What will happen in the next two decades? Only God knows, but unless Jesus returns, you must remain steadfast in your message, your faith, your hope, and your love for Jesus.
NBF stands as a beacon with a light that is brighter than you understand. Never lose sight that God is always there. He will never leave or forsake you. You must let your light shine even in the most difficult of trials. God will provide the power as you surrender without knowing just how he will work or what will be the outcome. This is faith at its best.
NBF has different meaning for all who are a part of this fellowship of believers. I offer a last thought as you remember your purpose: ‘N’ - NEIGHBOR ‘B’ – BROTHER- ‘F’ – FRIEND
These three words perhaps give us encouragement to move on as God changes people as the work remains unchanging.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you live before your neighbor, brothers and make friends with those chosen by God.

Rich blessings until He comes!
Pastor Terry Lowe (Ephesians 3: 14-19)


テリー・ロウ牧師 (エペソ 3:14−19)
Congratulations to Noukendai Bible Fellowship (NBF) as you celebrate your 20th anniversary. I wish I could be there to celebrate with you.
As the Lead Pastor of Lighthouse Christian Church in Seattle, I’ve loved the partnership our church has enjoyed over the years with NBF. We’ve been able to partner together many times by sending mission teams to participate in NBF Vacation Bible Schools. Our people have loved getting to fellowship and serve together with members of your church.
I made my first visit to NBF in 2017 and have been back four times since. It’s been a privilege to offer seminars and speak in your worship services. I’ve so appreciated your hospitality, kindness, and eagerness to receive teaching from God’s Word.
I love the people and ministry of NBF and hope to return to visit you after this COVID pandemic ends. May God bless you richly as you bring the good news of Jesus to your community and build a church for God’s glory. Congratulations on turning 20, and may the best years be the ones to come.
Wayne Ogimachi
Lead Pastor
Lighthouse Christian Church

私は、シアトルのライトハウスクリスチャン教会の主任牧師として、私たちの教会とNBFとの長年に渡る喜びの協力関係を大切に思っています。私たちの教会は、NBFで行われた子供のための夏休み聖書学校にミッションチームを何回も派遣して協力することができました。私たちの教会の人々は、NBFの人々と共に交わり、奉仕することに大きな喜びを感じています。 私は2017年に初めてNBFを訪れ、それ以来4回訪問しました。セミナーを開催し、礼拝で話すことができて光栄です。皆さんのおもてなし、優しさ、そして神の言葉から教えを受けたいという熱意にとても感謝しています。
私にとって、NBFの人々と宣教は貴いので、このパンデミックが終わったら、皆さんを訪問したいと願っています。皆さんがイエスの良い知らせを地域にもたらし、神の栄光のために教会を建てる時、神が皆さんを豊かに祝福してくださいますように。 20周年おめでとうございます。これからが最高の年となりますように。

A Modern-day Early Christian Church

Noukendai Bible Fellowship (NBF) has no full-time pastor or church-owned building, but devotes itself “to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.” Therefore, it is a church reminiscent of the church in Acts 2:42. For most of the last 20 years, NBF has rented a place and non-clergy leaders and participants have shared roles and worshipped. God has always provided people to deliver His word from the Bible. I thank and praise the Lord Jesus Christ for meeting the needs of NBF, the body and bride of Christ, blessing the people who gather there, and cherishing them!
I myself experienced the importance and joy of the Lord's community through worship and fellowship in this flock. I am also very grateful that I took on a role that I thought was difficult and grew with the help of the Lord. May NBF continue to be used powerfully by the Lord to preach His gospel of love and salvation as it is written in Acts 2:47, “praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved”!

Etsuko Martin

能見台聖書会は、専任の牧師も、教会所有の建物もなく、“使徒たちの教えを堅く守り、交わりを し、パンを裂き、祈りをしていた“( 使徒の働き 2:42)という初代教会を思い起こさせる教会です。
私自身、この群れの中での礼拝と交わりを通して、主にある共同体の大切さと喜びを経験しまし た。また、自分には難しいと思っていた役割を引き受け、主の助けによって成長させられたこと も大きな感謝です。
“神を賛美し、すべての民に好意を持たれた。主も毎日救われる人々を仲間に加えてくださった” (使徒の働き 2:47)と記されている初代教会のように、これからも、能見台聖書会が、主イエス・ キリストの愛と救いの福音を伝えるために、主によって力強く用いられますように!

To those who are part of Noukendai Bible Fellowship,

I remember how happy I was to learn about Noukendai Bible Fellowship in 2004 and to be able to visit together with our son, Chris, one Lord's day when we were visiting Etsuko's parents.
I was excited to learn about a church that was led by "lay" people and not led by a "leader" who was trying to impress people with degrees, awards, or other earthly credentials (Philippians 3:1-21) or to lord it over others (Mark 10:42-45).
I was excited that the church's mission was that people would come to know and grow in the Lord, and that the church was relying on Jesus' authority to do so (Matthew 28:18-20). It was not relying on the "authority" of any man or earthly organization. I was excited that the church wasn't wasting resources on property and buildings of its own. I was excited about the passionate music and the genuine care people showed to one another, even imperfectly. And I was excited that because of all these things, the church was reproducible and was showing a model of church that could easily grow in Japan and the rest of the world, too, to help people see and know and follow Jesus. I'm grateful for Noukendai Bible Fellowship and the friendships I've made through it. I pray that I'll see everyone who's ever participated in Noukendai Bible Fellowship in heaven someday!
Praise the Lord for the longevity of your fellowship! And may the Lord continue to grow each of you until Christ be formed in you (Galatians 4:19). And may He strengthen each of you and give you more and more love and wisdom, too, as you worship and serve together for the Lord's glory and the salvation of those who are not yet following Jesus in your families, in Japan, and in the rest of the world!

Together with you reaching toward the goal (Phil. 3:13-14), Your brother in Jesus,
John Martin

学位や賞、その他、この地上での資格によって人々を印象付けたり、他の人を支配したりする“リーダー“よって導かれるのではなく、“信徒“によって導かれる教会を知って、私は感動しました。(ピリピ3:1-21)(マルコ10:42-45) この教会の使命は、人々が主を知り成長することであり、そのためにこの教会はイエスの権威(マタイ28:18-20)に頼り、人間や地上の組織の“権威“に頼っていないことに、私は感動しました。
この教会が教会所有の土地や建物に資金を浪費していないことに、私は感動しました。 この教会の情熱的な音楽と、たとえ不完全であっても、人々が純粋にお互いを思いやる姿に、私は感動しました。
そして、これらすべてのことゆえ、この教会は、次々と教会を生み出すことが可能で、日本だけでなく世界の他の場所でも簡単に成長でき、人々がイエスを見て、知り、従うのを助けることができる教会のモデルを示していたことに、私は感動しました。 私は、能見台聖書会と聖書会を通して築いてきた友情に感謝します。能見台聖書会に関わったすべての人と、いつか天国でお会いできることを祈っています!

As Noukendai Bible Fellowship celebrates its 20th anniversary. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the participants for their tireless service and for the truth and grace that the Lord God continues to bless.

Thanks to the pandemic we have been able to attend worship services viaZOOM since last year even from Seattle. Sunday 3:00 pm in Japan is 10 pm standard time in the US and 11 pm daylight saving time starting March 14th. After the worship, it's past midnight, but we look forward to it every week. We are grateful to hear a good message that was carefully prepared. We are glad that new people who we didn't meet when we visited Noukendai about 10 years ago are serving today.

From the first genealogy Adam in Genesis chapter 5, a pastor from Japan at a Japanese church we used to attend shared that of Adam, Seth, Enos, ... only one, Enoch, who ended with "dead", was not "dead" but was marked as "walking with God and gone because God took him." I still remember.
I pray every morning that the participants of the Noukendai Bible Fellowship will continue to learn and convey the spiritual life that continues to walk with God.
"The righteous live by faith" (Habakkuk 2: 4)

Hirokuni & Hiromi Tamura


Noukendai Bible Fellowship 19th Anniversary

On Sunday April 5th, Noukendai Bible Fellowship celebrated its 19th anniversary with an on-line worship service. We thank our faithful and unchanging Lord. Let us pray together that God will continue to work powerfully for His Kingdom.

今度の日曜日、NBFでは、この19年で初めて集会を中止します。しかし、神様は忠実で、私たちみんなのために道を備えてくださいます。私たちは日曜日の午後3時にZOOMミーティングをしようと思っています。公一が、時間を設定して、皆さんにリンクを送付します。可能であれば、ZOOMアプリをダウンロードしてください。イエスは、皆さんを守り、皆さんのすべての病を癒す ことができます。そのイエスによって、皆さんすべての安全が守られるようにお祈りします。
皆さ んに、神の祝福がありますように! 公一とシャーリーより
Dear Brothers and Sisters
We will not meet at NBF this Sunday, the first time we have ever canceled a meeting in 19 years. But God is faithful and he will provide a way out of this for all of us! We will try to have a ZOOM meeting at 3pm on Sunday. Kohichi will set up a time and send you the link. Please download the ZOOM app if you can. We pray that everyone stays safe in Jesus because HE is able to protect you and heal you of all your diseases. God bless you! -Kohichi & Shirley

讃美歌 Hymn

Praise Song





When you send a message to NBF's official LINE account, it will send an automatic reply with scripture from the Bible. We are not able to send a personal reply. Please come meet us at NBF on Sundays at 3pm if you would like to speak with us. Thank you!

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